The global pandemic surrounding Coronavirus has forced many self-isolating Brits into testing themselves with riddles. Can you solve the Mr and Mrs Smith had 4 daughter test?

There’s only so much one person can watch on Netflix. In fact, the brain-boxes at Whats-on-Netflix worked out that you could watch everything on the global streaming platform in around 10,000 hours.

Although you would have to trundle through over 50,000 titles and sit glued to the living room screen for 417 days straight. So, fingers crossed, the current rules on self-isolation don’t allow anyone in the UK to legitimately give this a shot.

For those looking to strike the perfect balance of home entertainment, however, a mix of memes, TV, books, quizzes, riddles and challenges has been key to staying sane during quarantine.

The latest riddle to take over social media sites such as Facebook is the Mr and Mrs Smith dilemma. Here’s the answer.

What is Mr and Mrs Smith had 4 daughters riddle?

The riddle reads as follow:

Mr Smith has 4 daughters. Each of his daughters has a brother. How many children does Mr Smith have?

Spoilers are coming in hot as you continue to scroll, so have a good think about the answer before continuing with this article.

Answer: Mr and Mrs Smith had 4 daughters riddle explained

  • The most widely accepted answer to the riddle is Five. Mr and Mrs Smith have five children.

This can be explained in simple sections:

1. We know that Mr and Mrs Smith have 4 daughters (4)

2. We know that each of the daughters have a brother (1)

3. Total children = 5

The confusion around the riddle is that it is not a test of maths but not a test of literacy. Many people assume that all four of the daughters have different brothers, and therefore multiply 4×2 to get the answer or eight children.

However, this is not specified in the riddle. If read to grammatical perfection, the riddle correctly reads that all of the sisters have a brother, meaning all four sisters share the same one brother.

An alternative answer:

However, due to the nature of riddles, there is always more than one accepted answer.

Another twist to the riddle surrounds the initial sentence, which reads “each of his daughters has a brother”. Technically, there is no confirmation that Mr Smith’s brothers are also his children.

The riddle does not explicitly say that they are his sons. Therefore all of the daughters brothers could be from a prior marriage, affair etc. Although, again, the riddle doesn’t not specify that the brothers are ‘step brothers’.

Your answer on this one pretty much comes down your faith in what Mr Smith has been up to….

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