The episodes have gone down a treat, but will there be a season 2 of Malory Towers?

With everything going on, it’s hard to keep entertained.

It’s even harder to keep the kids entertained. Of course, the majority of schools are temporarily closed at the moment and, due to the lockdown, it’s not like days out are on the cards. 

Adults and children alike have had to make friends with TV like never before, which has made it increasingly difficult to find something to satisfy curiosity for long periods of time. 

Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon have been a huge help in keeping us topped up with films and shows, but as expected, CBBC continues to be a reliable hub for kids entertainment. 

There is a wide range of exciting and educational shows airing at the moment, but the more recent to strike a chord with the younger ones – and older, actually – is undoubtedly Malory Towers. For those missing school, it’s the perfect antidote, bursting with great characters and wholesome lessons. 

So, it’s already worth asking whether it’s set to return to screens…

Will there be a season 2 of Malory Towers?

  • As of yet, there is no news of Malory Towers being renewed for season 2. 

The series is based on the book series of the same name by the beloved English children’s author Enid Blyton. She wrote novels from 1946 to 1951.

However, way down the line in 2009, Pamela Cox penned six sequel books which centred on Felicity Rivers, June Johns and Susan Blake. With this in mind, it’s likely that we could see more episodes surface, depending on the popularity it achieves in the next month or so courtesy of streaming and so forth. 

The TV series introduced and established so many great characters, and there’s certainly potential to go back to them. 

Talking Malory Towers on Twitter

It would appear audiences both young and old are enjoying tucking into Malory Towers!

Many have fond childhood memories of being immersed in the series of novels, so watching the show has proven rather nostalgic. Inevitably, hopes have swiftly turned towards a second season too. 

We’re sure it’ll encourage many kids to seek out the books. Check out a selection of tweets:







In other news, this is audience participation at its finest!