TikTok’s latest viral trend is an absolute treat for coffee lovers.

Social media has been responsible for some weird and wonderful trends in recent years.

Lately, however, TikTok has been the one hogging the limelight and countless trends have been emerging from the site.

We’ve seen everything from challenges to dance videos appear over the past few months but the latest trend takes TikTok into a new realm, food and drink.

The trend in question is the Whipped Coffee trend but what is it exactly? 

TikTok’s Whipped Coffee trend

The TikTok Whipped Coffee trend is a new wave of videos that have emerged that show TikTok users creating professional-style coffee but without the big expensive machines you get in coffee shops.

The D'Amelio Show | Official Trailer | Hulu

Naturally, wannabe baristas have taken to the social media site to give the trend a try and sample the homemade whipped coffee drink.

How to make Whipped Coffee

TikTok user @sumu_100 gives a handy little tutorial in their video on the subject (see below).

The process of making whipped coffee looks simple enough.

  • For one cup of whipped coffee (portion sizes may vary), add one teaspoon of instant coffee into a cup as well as one teaspoon of sugar and then add a teaspoon of water which should just about cover the coffee and sugar.

  • Then, mix the water, sugar and coffee for around five minutes until the liquid is almost gold in colour and resembles caramel.

  •  And finally, add enough milk to fill your cup or glass.

There are several variations on the order of assembly with many creators choosing to put milk into the cup first (sometimes with ice) and then a layer of the coffee mix on top.  

Don’t go having too much

It’s always worth remembering that coffee, whipped or not, if full of caffeine and if you have too much could end up suffering the same fate as this Twitter user below.

Check out more trends like this on TikTok.

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