The 38.4 meme has been confusing fans online but what exactly is the meaning of this trend?

The internet is always full of weird and wonderful trends.

From memes and challenges to filters and general trends, there’s always something new to discover in the online world.

One meme, which has exploded in popularity in March and early April 2020 is the 38.4 meme.

But what exactly is the meme and what does it mean? 

The 38.4 meme

The 38.4 meme has seen several photos pop up on the internet, seemingly without a common theme that are simply captioned with the number 38.4.

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According to Know Your Meme, the 38.4 meme was reportedly created by influential Snapchat and Instagram user Xo Trayvon Vert who goes by @xo on Instagram.

The original 38.4 meme is thought to be a photoshopped image of the rapper Trippie Redd, with the rapper’s signature hair digitally removed with the caption 38.4 plastered on his forehead.

After being posted by Xo Trayvon Vert, the meme was picked up by several meme accounts on Instagram and quickly spread across the internet.

The below image is from Instagram user @vrutha.

What does the 38.4 meme mean?

According to Know Your Meme, there is no defined meaning for the 38.4 meme.

However, it is understood that the 38.4 caption refers to a person with a feverishly high temperature.

Despite that, there has been no clear link between any of the photos used in the meme apart from the 38.4 caption, showing that the meme is only truly understood by those ‘in the know.’

We’ve seen everything get the 38.4 meme treatment, from people with large heads and Tupac socks to the sophisticated Winnie the Pooh and a scientist who’s discovered 38.5.

Social media reacts to the 38.4 meme

It’s safe to say that not everyone has understood the 38.4 meme and naturally, many have taken to social media in search of answers.

One Twitter user wrote: “whats the 38.4 meme i dont get it”

While another replied: “We seek the same knowledge”

And finally, this Twitter user commented: “Video killed the radio star. 38.4 killed the meme star”

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