The t-shirt handstand challenge has taken the internet by storm after celebrities Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal posted videos online of them taking part in the challenge.

The challenge involves doing a handstand against the wall, and putting a t-shirt on whilst in that position. Tom Holland posted the video first, and tagged Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds to do the same. 

Gyllenhaal accepted the challenge, and posted his own video shortly after, while Reynolds instead chose to outright decline the offer. 

Now, plenty of celebs have completed the challenge and everyone is taking it on at home to keep themselves entertained during quarantine. 

Who started the T Shirt Handstand Challenge?

The challenge became huge after Tom Holland was nominated by film-maker and former child actor Ollie Gardner, who then in turn nominated Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and his friend from school, Harrison Osterfield.

Fans were quick react with one tweeting, ‘I cannot believe I was blessed by both shirtless Tom Holland and shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal in the past 24 hours’. 

Have any other celebrities competed in the challenge?

Gyllenhaal accepted Holland’s nomination and posted his own video onto his story of him completing the challenge. He nominated Hugh Jackman, 50 cent, and his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal, so this challenge could soon be all over Instagram if they accept.

One thing that drew fans’ attention was Gyllenhaal’s hair, which is now long, as viewers tweeted ‘thank you Tom Holland for giving us Jake Gyllenhaal shirtless man bun content’, and ‘what a great start to my morning seeing Jake Gyllenhaal has grown out his hair again.’

Why didn’t Ryan Reynold take part?

Ryan Reynolds declined Holland’s nomination in his usual hilarious manner. He posted a video to his story in response to Holland, where he looks confused and shocked for a while, before saying ‘no’.  

How to do the T Shirt Handstand Challenge

The challenge is not that difficult despite Reynolds’ reaction! Here’s how to do it:

  • First find a wall and stand facing away from it 
  • Before you start make sure you have a t-shirt on the ground close to where you will do your handstand
  • Place your hands on the ground and walk your legs up the wall until you’re in the handstand position (it is much easier if you do this barefoot as socks will make you slip down!)
  • Grab the t-shirt in one hand and put it on while remaining in the handstand position (the easiest way is to put one arm through, then your head, then the other arm)
  • Upload the video to your Instagram story, and nominate three friends to take part in the challenge!


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