How to get the Roblox Ski Resort egg by jumping off all eleven available ramps.

The Roblox Egg Hunt 2020 has commenced and lasts until April 28th. It’s an event which tasks you with the objective of collecting 49 eggs from an equal amount of different games, and one of these games is Ski Resort where you must jump off all eleven available ramps to get the prize.

As previously mentioned, there are 49 different Roblox games involved in the 2020 Egg Hunt. All of these titles have unique challenges for you to complete in order to obtain an egg and unique hat, and some of them are easier than others such as Robloxian High School which simply requires you to stroll about the town.

When it comes to Ski Resort, the challenge of jumping off all available ramps isn’t difficult but there are two ‘hidden’ ones that you might start pulling your hair out over.

How to get Ski Resort egg in Roblox for Egg Hunt 2020

You must jump off all eleven ramps to get the Ski Resort egg for the Roblox Egg Hunt 2020.

Jumping off all the Ski Resort ramps isn’t too difficult as the Roblox game defies the laws of reality by allowing you to ride your snowboard both down and up a mighty hill. This means that you can keep turning back if you miss a specific ramp.

In order to complete this challenge, you must first be taken to the top of the mountain by riding the chair lift and then climbing the extremely long escalator that could be mistaken for a stairway to heaven.

Once you’re at the top, you’ll then need to summon your snowboard but it’s best to do this behind the snow so your snowboard doesn’t run away from you.

Now that you’re on your board, ride on down the hill and jump off all the ramps you see. The first ramp is a linear one that cannot be missed, but the rest are all over the place.

The ramps are both snowy as well as the brown pipes/tunnels that you will notice are spotlighted in red.

Most of the ramps are easy to jump off, but there’s a really skinny one next to a lit up Christmas tree that could cause some problems. Fortunately, just touching and leaping off it a little will register its count.

If for some reason a ramp isn’t registered after you jump off of it, simply turn around and perform the jump again.

You will register nine ramps in the main area, so once you’ve done this return to the very top and then follow the arrows either left or right.

These arrows point to the remaining two hidden ramps, so getting both of these will result in you completing the challenge.

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