Getting the Flop egg is one of the more annoying challenges from the Roblox Egg Hunt 2020 because of the game’s controls and many different locations.

The Roblox Egg Hunt 2020 festivity lasts until April 28th and you must gather 49 eggs from an equal amount of unique and different games. Unfortunately, some of these are a massive pain in the backside, with the Flop egg being particularly annoying to get thanks to how you fight awkward controls as well as glitches and a heinous camera. Not to mention the egg appears in different locations.

As previously mentioned, there are 49 different games in which you must find an egg to complete the 2020 Egg Hunt for Roblox. These different titles vary in difficulty with the despactio spider being an easy capture in Robloxian High School, meanwhile the eg! egg requires completing some minor puzzles to get three keys.

In comparison to the aforementioned examples, the Flop egg is extremely annoying because of reasons that are out of your control.

What are the egg locations in Flop for Roblox?

The Flop egg for the Roblox 2020 egg hunt appears in the following different locations:

  • Underneath the traffic cone
  • Inside the hamster wheel
  • On the bookshelf underneath the hat with a flower
  • Inside the open cabinet upstairs

These are all the different locations in which the Flop egg can appear.

How to get the Flop egg for Roblox 2020 Egg Hunt

You must feed a cooked egg to a kid as a fish to get the Flop egg for the Roblox 2020 Egg Hunt.

In order to do this, you must first find the Flop egg from one of the many different locations that have been listed.

Regardless of where you find the egg, you then have to carry it into the kitchen. Once inside the kitchen, you must then try to bounce on the trampoline to land on top of the counter so you can then cook the egg in the frying pan on the stove.

This is a lot harder than it sounds as you will constantly be fighting a camera that is hellbent on making your life as difficult as possible.

Once the egg has been placed in the frying pan, it’ll then be cooked and you must take it to the kid to literally feed him.

In order to do this, traverse across the wire next to the stove that’ll take you across to the other side of the room. You must then traverse up the wire that’ll take you on top of the fridge.

When on top of the fridge, you must then jump to land on the table otherwise you’ll fall to the floor.

After you’ve landed on the table following god only knows how many attempts, you then need to climb the yellow book so you can stuff the egg in the fat kid’s mouth.

The problem with this is that the kid never stops chewing air so it’s almost impossible to feed him the egg. In fact, you’ll probably feed yourself to the kid more times than the actual egg you’ve cooked.

When you do eventually get the cooked egg in the kid’s mouth, you will have completed the challenge. Good luck!

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