Many event organisers have made the dreaded announcement, but is Hideout Festival cancelled?

As the lockdown continues, everybody is feeling increasingly pessimistic about their summer plans.  

It’s been weeks since the UK was addressed by Boris Johnson in a pivotal statement. In a sincere speech, the prime minister informed the public to adhere to government guidelines, only leaving the house for work if it cannot be done at home and shopping for essentials as infrequently as possible.

Although he displayed leniency with exercise, numerous members of the public have decided to disregard the warnings, and as a result, we anticipate revised guidelines are incoming. 

It’s very stressful at the moment, especially for those who have been looking forward to pre-booked holidays and festivals for so long. 

It’s even more concerning if you were planning to kill two birds with one stone and go to a festival abroad…

Is Hideout Festival cancelled?

  • Yes, Hideout Festival is cancelled and will no longer go ahead on the previously confirmed date of Sunday, June 31st 2020.

A statement over on the website reads: “Hideout 2020 will no longer be taking place. All Hideout 2020 guests will shortly receive an email from Kaboodle. This will include a form that’ll allow you to choose which option you wish to select, please fill out this form by Friday 8th May 2020. Anyone that misses this deadline will automatically have their booking transferred to Hideout 2021 and standard terms and conditions apply to the new booking.”

The two options are…

OPTION 1 – Full refund (including tickets, travel, accommodation, packages or extras booked through Hideout)

OPTION 2 – Transfer your booking to Hideout 2021


What about the line-up?

When it comes to debating option 1 or 2, festivalgoers will obviously be curious as to whether the line-up will stay the same for the 2021 event. 

This is addressed on the site: “The line-up will not be transferred to Hideout 2021 but it is likely that many of the same acts will be booked once again as they play regularly for the festival.”

It is the sort of festival which has earned a devoted following over the years, so it’s likely that, indeed, many acts will be more than happy to play 2021 instead. 


Hideout fans flock to Twitter

As you’d expect, nobody is impressed with the cancellation and some have headed to Twitter to share their disappointment. With everything going on, it may have been inevitable, but the news still hurts to hear for those who’ve been counting down the days. 

Check out a selection of tweets:






In other news, good news for Kim’s Convenience fans…