Eager fans want to know the exact release time for when Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake will unlock and become playable.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake comes out in less than a day and the reviews have largely been positive with most outlets seeming to agree that it’s a faithful retread only slightly marred by a few missteps. For those who cannot wait to once again don the spiky blonde hair of Cloud, the good news is that its release time isn’t far off meaning it’ll soon unlock and become playable.

Physical copy players are reported to be in for a long install before being able to play the game, but everyone who purchased it digitally will have already had the chance to preload the package so that it can be played the second its lock disappears.

The download size for the Final Fantasy VII Remake is whopping so you’ll definitely want to preload it all before its release time comes about.

How to preload the Final Fantasy VII Remake

You must pre-order the Final Fantasy VII Remake from the PSN Store in order to preload it.

Provided you have pre-ordered the game, all you need to do then is download it before the game’s release time.

Its full download size is 90.622 GB but you’ll be able to play the game once you have downloaded at least 13.750 GB.

For those who still haven’t preloaded the game, your download will happen quicker if you put your PS4 console into rest mode.

What is the Final Fantasy VII Remake release time?

The release time for the Final Fantasy VII Remake is 00:00 BST on April 10th.

This is the time when the Final Fantasy VII Remake will unlock and become playable for players in the United Kingdom.

Some physical copies were released early in certain areas of the world such as Australia, but the good news for everyone who pre-ordered the game digitally is that the wait is nearly over.

However, while the wait is nearly over for Sony loyalists, there’s still a long time left to wait for a hypothetical release on PC and Xbox One.