One of the biggest Youtube gaming groups ever, FaZe Clan, have rented yet another new house, and this one’s pretty impressive.

Youtube is one of the most popular platforms out there right now, with people all over the world wanting to make a living through making videos and posting them online. One of the most popular ways to get popular on Youtube is though gaming videos, as watchers turn in to see people playing popular video games like Call of Duty and Fifa.

One successful gaming group that are doing just that are the FaZe clan, who have now become one of the biggest social media organisations ever. And they’ve got the house to prove it!

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Who are the FaZe Clan?

The FaZe Clan are a Youtube group who became famous in 2010 for their gaming videos, playing games like Call of Duty. Since then, they have moved into Esports, a form of sport competition that involved people playing multiplayer video games competing professionally for prize money. They call themselves the most subscribed gaming team and have over 7 million subscribers. 

FaZe Clan, originally known as FaZe Sniping, was originally started by Eric ‘Clipz’ Rivera, Jeff ‘Housecat’ Emann and Ben ‘Resistance’, and now consists of over 50 people. The current CEO is Faze Temperr and they are now one of the biggest entertainment organisations in the world.

 What is the previous FaZe house?

The FaZe Clan like to rent out big houses across America which they use to live in and film gaming videos and other social media content.

Different members of the Clan live in different houses, and sometimes they even swap around. Most of the houses have been in Hollywood as their headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. 


Where is the new FaZe house located?

The gaming group just began renting a new house in Burbank, California for $80,000 dollars a month. They recently made a new Youtube video titled “Revealing the new $30,000,000 FaZe house”, and while experts say the house isn’t actually worth $30 million, it’s definitely pretty impressive. 

It has a huge white exterior complete with back garden, swimming pool, 10 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms as well as  a gym and games room. The house has even been rented out by Justin Bieber before!

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