Stargazers will not want to miss their last chance to see April’s ‘Pink Moon.’

While everything on Earth may be going pear-shaped in 2020, the wonders of nature and the universe still go on around us.

This is has been exemplified this April by the appearance of the so-called Pink Moon.

This rare sight has proven to be a huge treat for stargazers and if you’re still hoping to catch a glimpse of the Pink Moon, you’ve only got one chance left.

The Pink Moon

The Pink Moon is a name for the supermoon that is currently occupying our night sky.

A supermoon occurs when the Moon’s orbit brings it closer to our planet than we would normally see and as a result, the Moon often appears bigger and up to 30% brighter than normal.  

Sadly, however, the so-called Pink Moon is not actually a different colour to the ordinary view of the Moon but its larger and brighter appearance can make it seem like the Moon is a slightly different colour.

Instead, according to Metro, the name is thought to originate from a pink flower called phlox subulata which blooms at this time of year in North America.

What is the best time to see the Pink Moon?

  • The best time to see the supermoon was at 3:55am on April 8th here in the UK.

This was when the moon was at its closest point to Earth.

However, the supermoon should still be visible during the night on April 8th into April 9th and you should have a good view of the spectacle after sunset at around 8:00pm but it will likely be your last chance until the next supermoon comes around on May 7th.

Some of the best photos

Unsurprisingly, stargazing photographers have not wasted their opportunity to catch a snap or two of the Pink Moon and some of the results are absolutely stunning. 

Skyscrapers such as The Shard in London made for a great photo alongside the supermoon.

The Pink Moon’s colour shone through a little in New York next to the Empire State Building.  

Berlin’s Reichstag building looked resplendent under the supermoon.

If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of April’s supermoon, tonight (April 8th-April 9th) will likely be your best best until the next supermoon appears on May 7th.

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