The Trouble with Maggie Cole concludes on April 8th but will the ITV show return for series 2?

With the world being in such a set of uncertain circumstances, there can be few better remedies than comedy.

And luckily for us, ITV’s comedy-drama The Trouble with Maggie Cole arrived at just the right time. 

Starring Dawn French, the series follows the titular Maggie as she gets on the wrong side of her close-knit community after an over-detailed radio interview.

The series arrived on March 4th and now, the sixth and final episode is almost upon us.

As a result, fans of the series are already starting to wonder if another series might just be on its way.

The Trouble with Maggie Cole episode 6

Episode 6, which is arriving at 9pm on April 8th, is the final episode in the comedy-drama series.

The event of the show so far are expected to come to a head in Thurlbury as the whole village comes together for a day of celebration.

There’s tension in the air as Jill looks to Maggie for guidance but the latter is more focused on looking to reunite with her family after a turbulent few episodes have opened up a rift between them.

Will there be a series 2?

  • Unconfirmed.

It’s currently not known whether ITV will renew The Trouble with Maggie Cole for a second series.

However, the show has been well-received by fans and critics and has earned respectable viewing figures in the process.

Episode 1 launched with NUMBER of viewers when it went up against an FA Cup football match on March 4th. 

So there is a possibility that more could follow, we’ll just have to see whether or not episode 6 leaves the door open for more. 

Fans certainly want more

While the future of the series may thang in the balance, fans of the series are certainly hoping for more with some even taking to social media to call for more episodes.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “In these depressing days what a joy watching the trouble with Maggie Cole is, brilliant program really hope there’s a series 2!”

While another even made a suggestion on where series 2 could go: “The Trouble With Maggie Series 2 should focus on the younger Cole’s and their impending addition to the family. Keep wanting more of them on screen”

The Trouble with Maggie Cole concludes at 9pm on ITV on April 8th while the rest of the series is available to stream on ITV Hub if you’ve missed anything. 

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