The funeral dance meme has been revived amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Back in 2017, a video went viral of pallbearers in Ghana, who give a rather elaborate send offs to their loved ones by dancing with the coffin.

Over three million people watched the original video, which was aired by the BBC, but it didn’t take long for the video to become a meme in its own right. 

Now the meme has been revived thanks to the current pandemic climate. But what just is the funeral dance meme? Find out everything about the meme, plus our favourite videos here!


What is the original funeral meme video?

The video, which has now been dubbed “coffin dance crew” sees six men carrying a coffin dancing to a choreographed routine.

You can watch the original video of them dancing here.

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In an interview with the BBC, the leader of the pallbearers, Benjamin Aidoo said:

“I decided to add choreography to it so if the client comes to us, we just ask them: ‘Do you want it solemn, or do you want a bit of a display? Or maybe you want some choreography on it?’ They just ask and we do it.”

What song is in the video?

The song featured in the new funeral meme is ‘Astronomia’ by Vicetone & Tony Igy.  

This EDM track was released back in 2010, as a collaboration between the two artists. 

Vicetone is a Dutch electronic musical duo formed by Ruben den Boer and Victor Pool. Tony Igy is from Russia. 

Best funeral dance memes

People have taken to TikTok to share their best funeral dance memes, where they show a clip of them doing something painful followed by a snippet of the “coffin dance crew.”

Check out some of our favourites here!





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