Better Call Saul’s latest episode has won praise from fans thanks to a surprising choice of music.

At first, Better Call Saul was simply a spin-off prequel to the highly acclaimed Breaking Bad. 

But as the show has gone on many have suggested that Better Call Saul even tops its predecessor. 

The newly-released season 5 shows that perfectly as the stakes get raised ever-higher as Jimmy McGill (aka. Saul Goodman) gets further and further involved in the world of drug money and cartels. 

The most recent episode to arrive, Bagman, is the eighth in the new season and as well as being one of the best in the show so far, the music used in the episode has got fans talking. 

Better Call Saul season 5: Bagman

After we saw Jimmy defend Lalo Salamanca in JMM, he’s now left with the unenviable task of collecting $7 million from Lalo’s cartel contacts.

However, after Jimmy takes delivery of two huge bags of cash from the Salamanca twins, he’s set upon by a rival cartel.

Luckily, Mike – the guardian angel that he is – was watching over the situation and saves Jimmy from the cartel members.

Unfortunately, both of their cars are damaged and they’re left walking through the desert on foot with a very limited amount of water.

The music in Bagman

At around the 38-minute mark, just as Jimmy is about to take a leak, Mike prompts him not to waste it, as they’re not going to have enough water while out in the desert.

As Jimmy realises what he means, a song starts to play.

The song that plays sounds an awful lot like My Name Is by Eminem at first but, in true Vince Gilligan style, the song turns out to be something quite different. 

After a few seconds, the song that plays can be recognised as I Got The… by British singer-songwriter Labi Siffre.

The reason for the confusion is that Eminem’s track features a sample heard in Labi Siffre’s I Got The… just after the two-minute mark in the video below. 

Fans react to the unexpected song choice

It’s safe to say that the song choice in Better Call Saul has both impressed and confused fans in equal measure and fans have taken to social media to discuss the song choice. 

One fan on Twitter wrote: “I was like “Are they playing #Eminem ? Nooo Vince Gilligan is way more hipster than that! – I wasn’t wrong!”

While another added: “Who else thought they were listening to Eminem’s “My Name Is” in last night’s #BetterCallSaul, but then were pleasantly surprised when it was the song that he sampled for it, “I Got The…” by Labi Siffre?”

Better Call Saul continues on Netflix here in the UK on Tuesdays until the season 5 finale arrives on April 21st.

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