Antonio Cassano says he would like to work with Leeds United boss.

Antonio Cassano is regarded as a bit of a football maverick. The Italian striker is now retired at 37 after a frenetic career which saw him play for eight clubs and represent Italy 39 times.

A fallout with Marcelo Lippi led to him missing out on Italy’s World Cup winning 2006 squad, before he signed with Real Madrid months later.

Cassano is now enjoying his post-playing career, and in a recent Instagram Live reported by with Ole in Argentina, the Italian raved about Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa.

Bielsa is known as a maverick in management terms; a coach determined to do things his own way and break conventions.

Cassano said he would like to work with Bielsa in some way in the future.

He said: “He is a soccer revolutionary. If someday I become a sports director, I will do my best to bring him to my team. I would like to work with him.”

Bielsa is coming to the end of his second season at Leeds United and will likely renew for another if he wins promotion to the Premier League.

Leeds were on course to do so before the season was paused, and it remains likely a solution will be found for the campaign to be completed and the final nine games played, with Leeds sitting in first place.

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