We all have questions, but what happens if the Prime Minister dies?

Under the current circumstances, curiosity is rife. 

Weeks ago as the UK entered lockdown, Boris Johnson informed the public to adhere to government guidelines, only leaving the house for essential work if it cannot be done at home and shopping for essentials as infrequently as possible. Addressing exercise, it’s advised to go out just once a day if necessary, either alone or with members of your household.

However, we’re sure the last point will be revised in the coming days as more continue to head out in groups to foolishly enjoy the weather. 

Despite some ignoring imperative safety measures, the majority of us are doing everything we can to help save lives and prevent the virus from reaching unaffected homes. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for people, but it’s our universal aim to recover from this with as few casualties as humanly possible. 

Recently, Sky News reported that Michael Gove said that the PM “has not been on a ventilator” but has received “oxygen support” after spending the night in intensive care with COVID-19 symptoms.

With most being off from work, more are flocking to the news in search of answers, and with more hours spent online, more questions are asked.

What happens if the Prime Minister dies?

  •  A new Prime Minister would be appointed by the Queen. Until one is appointed, the Monarch will possess the power to revise emergency regulations and so forth. 

In this hypothetical situation, the Queen would select the candidate most suitable to take the reins, and in the Conservative Party constitution, Rules for the Election of the Leader notes that: “Upon the initiation of an election for the Leader, it shall be the duty of the 1922 Committee to present to the Party, as soon as reasonably practicable, a choice of candidates for election as Leader. The rules for deciding the procedure by which the 1922 Committee selects candidates for submission for election shall be determined by the Executive Committee of the 1922 Committee after consultation of the Board.”

Continued: “If there is only one candidate at the time laid down for the close of nominations, that candidate shall be declared Leader of the Party.”

Taking this into consideration, it’s highly likely that just one candidate would be put forward, as this would make the process much swifter. 


Coronavirus: UK lockdown

The UK lockdown continues, but the BBC is keeping the public updated regarding the ongoing situation. 

They include that the number of people dying in hospital with the virus is actually doubling every few days, but confirmed cases figures are, indeed, slowing down. 

Scientists say that statistics for deaths per day will later follow suit despite a record number of deaths expected in the immediate future.

The source includes the number of new deaths reported has doubled every three-and-a-half days over the last three weeks. While this is certainly worrying, they have addressed why it takes so long to witness signs of improvement, writing that we’d still be seeing deaths reported a month later even if infections had ceased in the immediate aftermath of the lockdown. 

Essentially, we need to continue to obey government guidelines and help reduce the colossal strain on the NHS and help further ensure the virus doesn’t spread to unaffected households.  

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