Many people have been taking to TikTok to try the invisible filter, and some are even taking it to new extremes.

The Invisible challenge has been one of TikTok’s most popular challenges this year, with people from all over the world trying out the new filter which supposedly makes them disappear. 

But the newest trend is to use the Invisible Filter and whilst you are disappearing you take your clothes off, effectively flashing the camera. 

Many people are doing this as just a bit of fun, but is the idea of a fun challenge actually manipulating young people into taking their clothes off online? 

What is the Invisible Challenge?

The Invisible Filter essentially uses one of TikTok’s filters to make it appear as though you have disappeared. You start with your full body visible, then apply the filter part way through the video and see yourself turn invisible. You are then left with a see through silhouette of your former self, so you can still see the outline of your body but nothing else.

TikTokers are now taking the challenge even further. When they apply the filter and turn invisible, they are then taking their trousers or top off, to essentially appear naked. Viewers can see the silhouette of the person taking the clothes off, but they can’t actually see that they are naked.

Some people are just pretending to take their clothes off, but others are actually doing it for real.

Opinion: A bit of fun or social media manipulation?

Many claim that this is just a bit of harmless fun. You can’t actually see that the people are naked, so it doesn’t really matter right?

It might seem harmless at first, but stripping down for a challenge is actually a form of social media manipulation. There’s lots of children and young people on TikTok and challenges like this could make them think that getting naked online is normal and won’t see the risks associated with it. 

Is TikTok keeping your data without the filter?

Some people are even claiming that TikTok stores your data without the filters. No one will ever know if that’s actually true or now, but TikTok might have kept all those naked videos. Maybe it’s not worth the risk after all!

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