The new TikTok challenge that is actually pretty hard to make and really cool to watch.

Sometimes TikTok is full of stupid videos that aren’t really that entertaining to watch. You find yourself scrolling through your home feed and having to pass ten Cannibal dances and five Naked Challenge’s to even get to an interesting video you want to see. 

But TikTok’s new Makeup Brush challenge is actually pretty cool to watch, and it’s certainly giving girls something to do in quarantine. 

 What is the TikTok Makeup Brush Challenge?

The challenge involves a group of girls dropping makeup brushes and making it look as though another girl is catching it. The video cuts between clips of each girl which are all edited together alongside a soundtrack. 

Some people have also made it into a glow up challenge, so when you cover the camera and then reveal yourself again, you have changed from wearing no makeup and being in your pyjamas to being fully glammed up.

 How do you do the TikTok Makeup Brush Challenge?

  • First, gather a group of your friends who are all bored in lockdown and need something to do.
  • Make a group chat so you can discuss the video, because it’s actually quite technical!
  • Gather together some makeup brushes. 
  • Then, plan the video. Some people need to drop the makeup brush from up high, others need to catch a makeup brush, and also film some clips using the makeup brush to cover the camera.
  • Now you need to decide on one person to edit all the clips together using a video editing app, and all send your clips to that person.
  • Fit all the clips together so that when one person drops a brush, it looks like a different person is catching it.
  • Add any filters, effects or sounds you like, and then you’re done!

Here are some tips to make sure the TikTok doesn’t fail!

It’s very easy for the video to fail, and it actually takes quite a lot of hard work and effort to make sure it looks right. So here are some tips to make sure the TikTok turns out perfectly.

  • Make sure you all use a makeup brush that looks the same. If one person throws a small gold brush and the other person catches a large black brush it’s not going to look realistic.
  • Actually make sure you plan the video. It might seem like it’s easy to just drop a makeup brush and make it look like the other person is catching it, but it’s a lot more difficult than you think!
  • Don’t rush the editing. Make sure the timing is perfect.
  • Get someone else to drop the makeup brush for you. It’s really hard to drop the makeup bush and catch it yourself and the results will be better.
  • Don’t be afraid to re-film the clips lots of times. It’s harder than you think and practice makes perfect!


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