Liar took fans to the idyllic seaside Zealand Arms pub in the series 2 finale but is the pub real? And if so, where is it?

ITV’s Liar has been one of the most popular dramas on TV in recent years with the series picking up millions of viewers each episode.

After the first series earned an average audience of 8.9 million viewers, a second series was always inevitable.

Now, in April 2020, that second series has just come to an end and we finally have an answer as to who killed Andrew Earlham.

However, fans have been left with an even more pressing question about one of the series finale’s filming locations, the Zealand Arms pub.

Where is the Zealand Arms and is it real? 

Liar series 2 on ITV

After almost two years away from our screens, series 2 of Liar arrived on March 2nd and the batch of six episodes continues to delve into the mystery of Andrew Earlham’s death.

The second series focuses on Laura as she’s placed at the centre of the police investigation into Andrew’s death.

Meanwhile, we follow Andrew in a series of flashbacks as we learn more about the events leading up to and including his death.

The Zealand Arms pub in Liar

In the final episode of Liar, we see Laura and police detective Katherine Kelly meet outside an idyllic seaside pub called the Zealand Arms.

The location used for the Zealand Arms is actually a real pub but its real name is The Zetland Arms rather than Zealand. 

Naturally, the appealing pub has caught the eye of many fans with plenty wondering where the real-life pub is located.

Where is the real Zetland Arms pub?

  • The Zetland Arms pub is located on the seafront of Kingsdown, a village in Kent which is just three miles south of the town of Deal.

However, while the pub is usually a popular destination, Liar fans will not be able to visit at this very moment thanks to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak which has forced the Zetland Arms pub to close. 

But once it reopens it will surely be a popular venue as the pub offers stunning views and gorgeous food. 

The second series of Liar has now come to an end but all six episodes of the second series are available to stream now on ITV Hub. 

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