Liverpool have yet to really utilise Joe Gomez’s long-throw ability.

Liverpool have been simply stunning in the Premier League this season, and should be deserved Premier League champions.

The global health crisis means they can’t be 100% sure of winning the title, as there is still a slim chance that the season will be voided.

It does seem unlikely, and Liverpool would certainly deserve the title having lost just once this season, producing impressive football for much of the season whilst being solid and determined even when not at their best.

Jurgen Klopp has a finely-tuned machine at Anfield, and one of his more interesting moves in recent times was to bring in a designated throw-in coach.

Klopp brought in Danish former athlete Thomas Gronnemark as a throw-in coach, which resulted in pundit Andy Gray mocking the Reds for creating such a specialised role.

Now, Gronnemark is working with Ajax too, and has been speaking to Kicker in Germany about his time at Liverpool – and was even asked who is the best throw-in taker at Liverpool.

Gronnemark named Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andrew Robertson as the best, but noted that Joe Gomez can actually throw the ball farthest.

Yet Gronnemark added that Klopp doesn’t want to use long throw-ins, so this secret weapon hasn’t really been utilised under his coaching; we’ve seen it with England, as pictured below, but it may be a while until we see it with Liverpool.

“Joe Gomez throws the farthest, now over 37 meters, i.e. from the sideline to the penalty spot,” said Gronnemark. “But really the best are Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson. They throw very precisely and have an immense understanding of spaces and the situation.”

“Klopp doesn’t want to throw in far, but wants to be quick and smart. At Ajax, too, we almost never train throws that cross the goal like crosses. It must match the club’s style of play,” he added.

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