Everything you must know about its download size, pre-order bonuses, and how to preload the Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4 right now.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming out in just a few days and all us JRPG nerds and geeks couldn’t be any more excited to don the iconic spiky blonde hair of Cloud once again. The game has been praised as a thrilling and thoughtful take on a beloved classic, and here you’ll discover how to preload it on PlayStation 4, what its download size is, and what pre-order bonuses you’ll receive.

There have been some complaints about the Final Fantasy VII Remake in opposition to all the praise such as it being slightly bloated and having texture quality issues on PS4 and PS4 Pro. However, away from these few complaints, the experience has largely been praised and you needn’t worry about it being too short as Square Enix have repeatedly stated that it’s as long as a mainline entry.

If you’re one of the many people itching to play Square Enix’s remake/reimagining from the second it launches, below you’ll find out how to preload and what pre-order bonuses you’ll be given.

What are the Final Fantasy VII Remake pre-order bonuses?

The Final Fantasy VII Remake digital pre-order bonuses are as follows:

  • An exclusive dynamic theme

  • Chocobo chick summoning Materia

Per the PSN Store, the ability to use summoning Materia will be unlocked partway through the experience.

While neither of these pre-order bonuses are anything special, you can instead buy the Deluxe Edition (£74.99) to get extra bonuses including:

  • Digital artbook

  • Digital mini-soundtrack

  • Cactuar summon Materia

  • Carbuncle summon Materia

Now that you know the differences between the Standard and Deluxe version, you must know what its download size is to ensure you have enough space to preload.

Final Fantasy VII Remake download size

The download size for the Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4 is 90.622 GB.

On release day, you’ll be able to play the Final Fantasy VII Remake provided 13.750 GB of its size has been downloaded.

With it nearing 100 GB like so many massive games nowadays, you’ll probably need to rummage through your storage to decide upon which games you’re no longer playing and are thus expendable.

How to preload FF7 Remake on PS4

Simply follow the below steps to preload the Final Fantasy VII Remake on PlayStation 4:

  • Search Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the PSN Store
  • Open the game’s store page and select Pre-order
  • Confirm your pre-order and pay by either credit card, Paypal, or PSN voucher
  • Once your purchase is confirmed, either select download all or click the downward arrow next to Final Fantasy VII Remake

After you’ve followed all of the above steps, the game will begin preparing to download before quickly following through.

If you want the game to be downloaded as fast as possible, it’s recommended that you put your console into rest mode as this will speed up the process.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake will become playable on April 10th.

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