A small number of fans are complaining that the Final Fantasy VII Remake is too short after hearing how long it’ll approximately take to beat.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake launches on PlayStation 4 in just a few days and the game has largely been praised for being a thrilling and thoughtful take on a classic. While the vast majority of the series’ fanbase are overly excited, there are a few who have been complaining that it’s too short thanks to reports about how long it’ll take to beat.

Prior to the incoming reviews, there were concerns about the length of the Final Fantasy VII Remake thanks to it being episodic as well as because of it being situated in Midgar only. However, Square Enix have repeatedly stated that the game isn’t short and that it’s about as big as a mainline entry with endgame content.

To avoid any vagueness and lack of clarity, below you’ll discover how long it’ll reportedly take you to complete the campaign and overall experience.

How long to beat Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The Final Fantasy VII Remake will take between 30-50 hours to beat.

Gamespot have said that it takes 45-hours to beat the Final Fantasy VII Remake, whereas IGN have said that their fastest player completed it in just under 30-hours.

When it comes to the game’s length, there are multiple factors to consider such as side-quests, optional mini-game activities, and weapon upgrades.

Difficulty also needs to be taken into consideration, but it’s best to assume that it’ll take you just under 30-hours to complete its campaign alone while it’ll take you closer to 50 if you take your time and complete all side-quests.

Although this is a good length for any game regardless of whether you fall on the lower or higher spectrum, some fans have been complaining that it’s too short.

“Seems very short for 37 hours”

Some fans have been complaining that the reported length(s) to beat the Final Fantasy VII Remake is too short.

Regardless of whether this viewpoint comes from comparing it to Persona 5 Royal which exceeds 100+ hours, it’s impossible to agree with the notion that the Final Fantasy VII Remake isn’t long enough.

After all, it’s just one part of the eventual full experience, and there’s more than enough content to more than justify it being sold as a first episode.

There were complaints about the Resident Evil 3 Remake being too short as well, but the complaints about Capcom’s title were more understandable thanks to cut content from the original.

In regard to Final Fantasy VII though, any complaints make little sense as it’s a 30+ hours experience in Midgar alone.

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