Just when we thought Future Man couldn’t get any funnier, they hit us with “based on a true story”.

With so many great TV shows currently on the go, it’s hard to keep up to date. 

At the moment, everybody is completely captivated by the sheer insanity of Netflix documentary series Tiger King. However, there are a number of brilliant efforts making the rounds right now. 

Despite that, nothing should distract you from the fact that Future Man season 3 has finally arrived on Hulu. 

Evidently, nothing has!

Created by Howard Overman, Kyle Hunter, and Ariel Shaffir, this remarkable comedy series premiered back in 2017 and it was immediately clear the team had crafted something special with this one. The cast is all terrific and season 2 managed to be just as satisfying as the first. 

The third, quite sadly, marks the final batch of episodes, but it’s always best to go out in a blaze of glory than fade away into obscurity with a seemingly endless string of seasons. Well, a certain gag thrown in will really help us remember just how hilarious it all was… 

Future Man: Based on a true story

A number of audiences have commented on the “based on a true story” gag, with one recently writing: “Them putting based on a true story at the end of Future Man was the funniest s**t ever.”

In conversation with Den of Geek, the creators were asked to explain how the “based on a true story” joke came about, with the interviewer describing it as “… one of the best jokes that I’ve ever seen.”

Showrunner Ben Karlin began to explain, expressing: “I’m pretty sure that’s another joke that we had figured out really early on. Since we had this very narrow focus this time where it was just eight episodes to close out the story. It just really helped provide a clear roadmap on how we would break the season. So that turned out to be one of the first jokes that we figured out—maybe even in the first week—and it just made us laugh so hard. So we were determined that we were going to do that joke no matter what.”


Future Man: Ariel Shaffer and Kyle Hunter weigh in

Also speaking with Den of Geek, Co-creator Ariel Shaffer also weighed in on the origins: “Well I think at first it was just a ‘Based on a True Story’ title card and then another that said, ‘Josh, Tiger, and Wolf still e-mail to this day’ as the first iteration of the joke. I don’t remember when we pushed it such an extreme place.”

Well, we’re glad it did get pushed!

Kyle Hunter commented on the evolution too, saying: “I think the show is at its best when it’s aping some trope from pop culture or movies, and that’s such a thing for these serious fact-based genres… once we knew that we were doing it there was already this roadmap for tone and how it should look.”

Future Man fans praise season 3

The final season had already earned praise on Twitter, with some fans describing it as the best one yet. Very high praise, indeed!

Check out a selection of tweets:





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