There’s a new challenge on Instagram and it makes you reveal everything.

Instagram users are always coming up with more new challenges to do. At the moment everyone is loving the photo a day challenges, where you have a series of topics and have to post a photo every day that relates to that topic.

Sharing photos every day about your life with your family and friends is driving to be a good way to entertain each other and bring a bit of positivity during lockdown. 

Instagram’s newest challenge is another photo a day one, and the Expose Yourself challenge encourages you to reveal a bit of information about yourself that you probably usually wouldn’t, hence exposing your true self to the world.

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What is the Expose Yourself Challenge?

The challenge is a list of different categories that reveal facts about yourself. For each category, you must post a picture. For example, one might say “lock screen”, and you have to screenshot your phone lock screen image and upload it to Instagram, however cringy or embarrassing it may be.

The challenges vary on just how much they actually expose you. And that definitely depends on what images you have on your camera roll as well. Some of the challenges might end up being a bit more revealing than others!

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How to do the Expose Yourself Challenge on Instagram

  • First, search #ExposeYourselfChallenge in the Instagram search bar.
  • Scroll through the various challenges that people have made and find one that you like.
  • Screenshot it so that you can refer back to it every day.
  • Start with number 1, and post a photo that relates to that topic.
  • Then, continue every day for as many days as the challenge has.
  • Or, you could post them all on the same day, it doesn’t really matter!
  • Some people choose to post it permanently on their Instagram feed, whilst others post it on their story.
  • You can also tag your friends to do it too!
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People are doing the challenge on Twitter!

The challenge is also really popular on Twitter, with most people posting four photos in one tweet with the categories ‘lock screen’, ‘home screen’, ‘your personal instagram bio’ and the ‘last song you listened to’.  


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