Boris Johnson has always been a fascinating character and people always want to know more about the enigmatic Prime Minister.

There’s always a lot of interest in the personalities of politicians behind the scenes as the general public wonder just what a well-known figure is like when away from the limelight.

As Prime Minister, there’s obviously a huge amount of interest in the life of Boris Johnson. Not least thanks to the fact that he’s seen as such an eccentric individual. 

Recently, Sky News reported that Michael Gove said that the PM “has not been on a ventilator” but has received “oxygen support” after spending the night in intensive care with COVID-19 symptoms. 

The news has shocked many, but some are also wondering whether or not Boris Johnson smokes.

Does Boris Johnson smoke?

  • It’s unknown whether Boris Johnson currently smokes.

As the Prime Minister of the country, every action Boris Johnson takes is under scrutiny, especially any political actions.

But no, there is no evidence to suggest that Boris does smoke currently.

However, in 2014, the London Mayor at the time admitted to the Islington Gazette that when one of his five or six (soon to be six or seven) children was born, he did smoke a cigar to celebrate and, as a result, was against the idea of banning smoking in parks and other outdoor public places.   

He has had history with drugs

While it’s unknown whether or not Boris Johnson does smoke, the current Prime Minister had allegedly had experiences with drugs in his youth.

According to Sky News, Johnson told GQ Magazine in 2007 that he had tried cocaine at university and that he ‘remembered the experience vividly.’

He said: “it achieved no pharmacological, psychotropic or any other effect on me whatsoever.”

Johnson has since gone back on these comments and in an interview while running for London Mayor said: “To say that I have taken cocaine is simply untrue.”

But did later admit that: “As I have said many times, I was once at university offered a white substance, none of which went up my nose and I have no idea whether it was cocaine or not.”

Opinion: Does it matter if Boris Johnson smokes?

In the grand scheme of things, not really. 

If Boris Johnson does smoke in private, then that’s his own business.

However, if smoking was to give the Prime Minister an underlying health issue, then fighting off the COVID-19 coronavirus could be much trickier to do. 

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