A guide for how to get and use a Tiger King virtual background on Zoom, as well as Pixar backdrops and the Simpsons’ couch.

The docu-series Tiger King has landed on Netflix and it has been discussed as the greatest shock watch of 2020. With lots of people working from home and using the Zoom app, plenty are curious as to how to get and use a Tiger King virtual background, as well as backdrops from Pixar movies and even the Simpsons’ iconic couch/sofa.

Zoom is an application that is being used by dozens of people to stay in contact with mates and to conduct business meetings. Although it won’t entirely help you avoid the burnout that comes with social distancing, it’s still a neat tool for staying in contact with people you simply cannot go without speaking to on a regular basis.

And, to lighten the mood or to hide your messy living space, you can employ virtual backgrounds to appear behind yourself during video chats.

How to change your background in Zoom

You can change your background in Zoom by clicking on the cogwheel icon to open Settings.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll find the ‘virtual background’ option for Zoom.

Select this option and you’ll find a bunch of readymade images/backdrops you can employ. You’ll also see a preview of yourself with the backdrops utilised so make sure to smile.

There are both static images and video files you can use. With the available backdrops being both boring and forgettable, it’s good news that you are not limited and can almost employ whatever virtual background you want.

You can get rid of your virtual background while in the middle of a video chat by selecting the upward arrow next to the stop recording option. This will bring up the virtual background option and all you need to do is select it to be brought to the readymade backdrops. All of this happens while still in the chat so you can change your backdrop/remove it without leaving your meeting.

When it comes to getting your own images, all you need to do is find an image/video file on Google that you wish to use and save/download it. Know in advance that anything higher than 1920×1080 will not be appropriate and thus unusable.

Now that you have your own image, simply return to the virtual background settings and select the plus (+) icon. This will allow you to add your own image or video to the available selection so they can be used.

How to get Tiger King virtual background for Zoom

You can get a Tiger King virtual background for Zoom by just searching the docu-series on Google Images.

Once you’ve searched Tiger King on Google Images, proceed to advanced search and change resolution to larger than 1024×768 to get the best resolution for your virtual background.

Then all you need to do is save the image and follow the previous instructions for making a custom design your very own backdrop.

Where to get Pixar backgrounds for Zoom

Disney have shared a bunch of Pixar backgrounds for Zoom on their Twitter account.

Such Pixar backgrounds for Zoom include backdrops from the likes of Up, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Inside Out.

You can also get The Simpsons couch by clicking here (download link shared by Pocket-Lint), and you can find a host of other images/video files over at Pexels. Here you’ll find a bunch of stock photos and video files for the cost of nada.