The good friendship between gaming Youtubers CallMeCarson and GoodGuyFitz might be at an end after this new Youtube drama!

April is definitely the month for Youtube drama. We’ve already had the supposed breakup between Youtuber LilHuddy and TikToker Charlie D’Amelio, and that’s just the start.

Now even more Youtube heartbreak is on the horizon, with speculation that the popular Youtuber CallMeCarson has broken up with his girlfriend after rumours she has cheated on him with friend and fellow Youtuber Fitz.


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Who are Fitz and Carson?

Carson King, 20, known by his online name CallMeCarson, is an American Youtuber famous for his comedic gaming videos. Formerly known as the BlueCrewPros, Carson set up his Youtube channel in 2012 and has gained 1.32 million subscribers, with many going to his channel for his popular Minecraft videos. 

Cameron McKay, 23, is a Youtuber from New Zealand who also makes comedic gaming videos. He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with a group of five other friends, together they are a podcasting group called Misfits. Also known as GoodGuyFitz online, he has amounted a huge 5.51 million followers. 


What happened between Fitz and Carson?

Perhaps Cameron’s Instagram handle is more ironic than true, as it seems like GoodGuyGitz isn’t such a good guy after all.

Rumours are circling the internet that Carson’s girlfriend Katerino, also known as Kate, cheated on Carson with Fitz. Speculation began when CallMeCarson unfollowed his good friend Fitz on social media. 

At first, this was merely speculation until Reddit @Zionix_ user posted “I think they are saying Kate may have cheated on Carson with Fitz… which I am hoping did not happen. Carson cannot take that kind of stress right now since he has been battling with his depression.” Carson himself then commented on the Reddit post with the words “ding ding ding, we have a winner”, claiming that what he had written was true. 

Some then claimed that it was merely an April Fools Joke, but Carson then went on to deny that too. Then taking to Reddit again to reply to more posts, saying that Fitz and Kate “both knew” about the depression he is currently battling and that he “would agree” that rumours shouldn’t be spread “if it wasn’t the truth”. 

Despite all of this, he believes that no one should go on a witch hunt for Fitz and Kate, and is now taking a break from all social media.

But who should really be blamed?

Many people are upset that Kate is the only one being blamed for cheating on Carson, and think Fitz is getting off far too lightly, taking to Twitter to express their hatred towards Fitz. 




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