Xbox One fans are desperate to know if the Final Fantasy VII Remake will become available on their console in 2021 after its exclusivity to the PS4 ends.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake launches in a matter of days for the PlayStation 4 only. While Square Enix are refusing to budge on providing an early release for digital copies, Sony gamers are ultimately blessed with good fortune when compared to Xbox One and PC loyalists. This is because there’s a far greater amount of time left until Cloud hypothetically becomes playable on other platforms.

Although it’s not the complete story, you needn’t be concerned about the Final Fantasy VII Remake being a short experience as Square Enix have confirmed it has endgame content and that it’s as big as other mainline games.

It looks absolutely stunning and promises to be fantastic, but will it ever be available on Xbox One?

Is the Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to Xbox One?

Square Enix haven’t officially confirmed that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will ever be on Xbox One.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is exclusive to the PS4 until April 2021, meaning it could land on PC and Xbox One sometime afterwards.

Microsoft’s console and PC haven’t received specific announcements for a release come next year, which means that neither are definite despite the PC appearing all-but-confirmed thanks to data leaks and countless other rumours.

When it comes to Sony’s competitor in the console market, Xbox Germany had announced the Final Fantasy VII Remake for March 3rd, 2020. This was set to be the game’s release date on PS4 before being delayed until April, so it’s possible that Xbox Germany had simply forgotten about the exclusivity deal.

This rationale implies that the Final Fantasy VII Remake is for sure coming to Xbox One, which would mean that its release is due sometime after April 10th, 2021.

However, while this could be the case, it’s nothing official as Square Enix haven’t made any announcements for either Xbox One or PC.

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