TikTokers are moving away from their lighthearted dance challenges and opting for something slightly more bizarre.

The people of TikTok are coming up with crazy new challenges every day. Perhaps after two weeks of lockdown in the UK the boredom is setting in, as these TikTok challenges are definitely getting stranger.

TikTok’s newest trend is the Ice Challenge, and you may or may not want to give this one a try.

Maybe you’re one of the bored people in quarantine and want to give the challenge a go, or maybe you just want to laugh at others’ stupidity. Either way, the new challenge is certainly an interesting one. 


What is TikTok’s Ice Cube Challenge?

The newest TikTok trend is to put a piece of ice in any body part, whether that be your mouth, your ear, or some girls are even putting ice cubes down below – yes on TikTok!

Then, you film yourself doing it and post your reaction on TikTok. 

How do you do the Ice Challenge

  • First, search the ‘#icecubechallenge’ in the search bar to find someone else who has done the challenge
  • Then, click on the sound they have used and apply it to your video. Lots of people have used the same song for the challenge, but you can use any soundtrack you want really
  • Go and get an Ice cube and film yourself putting it in a body part
  • Apply any filters you want 
  • Post it to TikTok

Girls are taking to TikTok to warn others against doing the challenge!

Some girls are now creating TikTok’s with the caption #IceCubeChallenge to warn girls about the dangers of putting ice cubes in their private areas. Many people think the challenge is stupid and dangerous, and believe people should stop doing the challenge altogether.

A real gynaecologist even made a response video to the Ice Cube trend, explaining exactly why girls shouldn’t do it.


 And the people of Twitter are just as confused.



 So maybe if you’re thinking of doing the challenge, just stick to putting ice in your mouth! 

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