Ramin Djawadi has given one of The Weeknd’s biggest hits the Westworld treatment in season 3, episode 4.

Thanks to his stellar work on Game of Thrones, composer Ramin Djawadi has become one of the biggest names in film and TV music.

So, when the German composer was hired to work on HBO and Sky Atlantic’s Westworld, fans knew that the series was one to watch out for, even if only for the music.

One of the biggest talking points about the show has been its music, with some suggesting that Djawadi’s score for the series actually tops his work on Game of Thrones.

This is especially evident in the cover songs that we’ve heard sporadically throughout the series, including The Rolling Stones’ Paint It, Black and Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child O’ Mine.  

And now, for season 3, episode 4, there’s a new Ramin Djawadi cover for fans to marvel at.  

Westworld season 3 on Sky Atlantic

Season 3 of Westworld arrived here in the UK on March 16th.

Episodes have hit our screens each Monday since. The most recent episode was the fourth in the new season. 

Titled The Mother of Exiles, episode 4 follows Ashley and Bernard as they infiltrate an adults-only charity event after learning that Liam – who they think is a host of Dolores – will be there. 

Dolores herself and Caleb have also made similar plans which leads to a sizable scuffle at the event.

While at the event, which comes complete with its own string quartet, we hear a recognisable song played in orchestral form, but what song is it?

What song is featured in Westworld season 3, episode 4?

The song we hear in Westworld season 3’s fourth episode is a Ramin Djawadi cover of Wicked Games by music artist, The Weeknd.

The cover is the latest in a long line from Ramin Djawadi in the series and it lends itself perfectly to the string quartet treatment.

Here’s the original song

The original song by The Weeknd is a typical pop track from the Canadian singer.

Wicked Games was the first major single for the 2012 album Trilogy where it appears as the fifth track.

On Spotify, Wicked Games has been played over 272 million times by fans, making it one of The Weeknd’s biggest hits. 

Westworld continues weekly on HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic here in the UK with the season 3 finale expected to arrive on May 3rd in the US and May 4th in the UK respectively.

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