A guide for when and how you can get the speed reader book from the library in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal is now available on PlayStation 4 meaning new and returning Phantom Thieves have a bunch of social stats to max out so they can befriend mates and woo waifus. One of the best ways to increase social stats is by reading, and this becomes a lot easier once you claim the speed reader book from the library so you can do – what else – speed reading.

There are a bunch of differences and changes in Persona 5 Royal that make the game worthwhile for those who had retired from the life of a Phantom Thief, but even then there’s no denying that making yourself perfect again can be tiresome and plodding. After all, there’s only so many times you can stuff your face with a McDonald’s burger to oddly make yourself charming as opposed to appallingly hideous as grease drips down your MC’s mouth and chin.

While stuffing your face with a burger, hitting some balls with a bat, going to the cinema, and performing other activities are good ways to increase your social stats, so too is reading once you get the speed reader skill.

When do you get the speed reading book from the library in Persona 5 Royal?

You get the speed reader book from the library on July 1st in Persona 5 Royal.

The Persona 5 Royal library first becomes available to you on April 18th, but it’s not until July when speed reading becomes available as a skill to pick-up.

As for what the skill does, it allows you to read two chapters of a book during one session as opposed to just one chapter.

This means you can instantly finish books with just two chapters as well as quickly finish ones with more.

In regard to whether you should read books before getting the speed reading ability, it is worthwhile to get them from the library as you can read them on the train when given the rare opportunity on the way to school.

Persona 5 Royal is available on PS4.

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