TikTok have shocked users by releasing their own coconut water!

They have partnered with the coconut water brand 100 Coconuts to release a limited edition which is available to buy on the 100 Coconuts website.

Fifteen percent of the proceeds go towards Feeding America, providing help to local food banks.

What is the TikTok Coconut water?

This week TikTok users have been posting videos where they unpackage and try TikTok coconut water. This has left viewers wondering if this is real or just a prank, but it is in fact very real! TikTok have partnered with the brand 100 Coconuts to design their very own coconut water can.

The website describes it as ‘an exclusive, limited- edition can of 100 Coconuts water designed by TikTok’s very own design team’. The cans are only available while supplies last and the water is non GMO, with no added sugar and no preservatives. 

The can is sleek and black, with turquoise shapes and the TikTok logo embellished onto it, and comes in a matching branded box with 12 cans. TikTokkers have described the water as ‘fire’ and ‘sick’, so make sure to get yours before they run out!

Where can I buy it?

The Coconut water is available to purchase on the 100 Coconuts website. You can buy the water in packs of 12 which costs $23.99, but sadly they do not ship anywhere outside of the US. 

Where does the money go?

Fifteen percent of the proceeds from this can goes towards Feeding America, a network with 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal plans to help combat hunger in the US.