Hot off the success of season 2, fans are eager for more. Will there be a Bulletproof 3?

Are you ready for more? 

Of course you are! At the moment, audiences are more willing than ever to embrace quality television, and fortunately, we’ve recently had the pleasure of diving back into the world of Sky’s Bulletproof. 

Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters’ Aaron Bishop and Ronald “Ronnie” Pike Jr first arrived on screens back in 2018 for an explosive first season. The duo created the series alongside Nick Love (The Football Factory) and it immediately struck a chord with fans of their previous work and beyond. 

Taking influence and paying homage to the likes of Bad Boys and Lethal Weapon, the show’s riveting action sequences and playful tone – Clarke and Walters’ chemistry is off the hook – inevitably led to renewal. 

Bulletproof 2 surfaced on Sky One on Friday, March 20th 2020 and now fans are already looking ahead in hopes that Bishop and Pike will be back on the case in no time.

Will they?

Will there be a Bulletproof 3?

  • Yes, there will be a Bulletproof 3. The next season is set to be comprised of three episodes.

The Sun highlights that the series is confirmed to return to screens in 2020 for a three-part special. Great news!

We can expect quite a big change for Bishop and Pike in the forthcoming episodes though, as this time they’re set to venture across the globe and over to South Africa

There, they will combat Cape Town’s criminal underworld, although more specific plot details are currently under wraps. Either way, that’ll definitely be enough to have fans sold. 

As of yet, there is no release date, but the source suggests that it will arrive this Autumn, so the wait isn’t quite as long as you’d expect, considering some fans are still working through season 2.

On Saturday, March 28th 2020, Noel Clarke confirmed that they’d wrapped shooting just in time, tweeting [see below tweet]: “There will be more. Here’s a little peek at the #Bulletproof specials we just shot in London and South Africa. Luckily we finished before lockdown. Looks good already right?”


Audiences praise Bulletproof 2 on Twitter

The latest season has earned great praise from viewers over on Twitter, with particular emphasis on the stellar lead performances. 

We’re excited to see them back for more later in the year. 

Check out a selection of tweets:





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