Tales from the Loop arrives on Amazon Prime Video at the perfect time for some sci-fi escapism but where was the series filmed?

There’s always an appetite for some science fiction and in the current climate, a bit of sci-fi escapism is exactly what we need.

It’s perfect, therefore, that Amazon Prime Video are releasing a series that will fit the bill superbly. 

We are, of course, referring to the series Tale from the Loop, a sci-fi series based on the series of art books by Swedish artist, musician and designer Simon Stålenhag.

The series sees residents of a small Ohio town encounter beings of otherworldly or sci-fi origin but the series wasn’t filmed in Ohio.

But if not, then where was Tales from the Loop filmed?

Tales from the Loop on Amazon Prime

Tales from the Loop tells not one story but several.

Each episode focuses on one or one group of residents from a small town in the state of Ohio.

Thanks to a machine beneath the town, known as the Loop, residents experience events and meet beings from the realms of science fiction, slowly uncovering more knowledge about the mysterious Loop. 

Where was Tales from the Loop filmed?

  • Tales from the Loop was filmed in Canada.

Specifically, the sci-fi series was filmed in and around Regina in the province of Saskatchewan, the city of Winnipeg in Manitoba, and the town of Morden, which was used for its old-fashioned brick buildings, according to The Cinemaholic

While the series may be set in Ohio, the series undoubtedly took filming to Canada as the Canadian government offer a tax relief scheme to attract productions to come and shoot there.

On top of that, the wildernesses of Canada make for the perfect location to recreate the work of Simon Stålenhag on-screen.

When to watch Tales from the Loop

  • All eight episodes of Tales from the Loop arrive on Amazon Prime Video on April 3rd, 2020.

The series could arguably not have come at a better time for viewers who are looking for a bit of escapism in what has been a pretty horrendous 2020 so far.

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