A ‘stop Roblox from shutting down’ in 2020 group has been created online to stop the popular game from closing.

Roblox shutting down in 2020 continues to be a hot topic thanks to its fanbase being worried that the rumours about it closing down are legitimate. And, despite the absurdity of this rumour, it has lately resulted in a group being made online in which over 7,000 members have joined.

The group mostly consists of intentional or otherwise fearmongering with people posting comments such as “R.I.P. Roblox” and other sorts of posts which tie its hypothetical death to the current pandemic. Needless to say, Roblox is not shutting down in 2020 be it in March or beyond.

In order to qualm all concerns, the Roblox official Twitter account responded to the incessant rumour back in January to pretty much stress that it’s all unfounded nonsense.

You can find their official response and where the rumour originated from by continuing to read update 1 and the original story.

Update 1:

Despite the rumour having circulated over six months ago back in 2019, concerns about Roblox shutting down in 2020 refuse to go away. We’ve already provided an explanation as to why its servers are not being shut down, but now the developers have done the same with a definitive response on Twitter.

The official Roblox Twitter account has posted that the game is not “shutting down” and that fans shouldn’t pay attention to this rumour/hoax as it frequently occurs with just a few details always altered.

This means that you shouldn’t be worried and alarmed when the inevitable Roblox shutting down in 2021 rumours start to surface.

Original story:

Despite being a hugely popular online multiplayer game that was recently used for exposure by Stranger Things season 3, Roblox is apparently shutting down in March 2020. This news has naturally resulted in the game’s community flipping out over the possibility of no longer being able to enjoy the title.

But is the apparent doom of Roblox true or is it just a fake prank designed to create an overwhelming amount of hysteria?

Is Roblox really shutting down in 2020?

The news that Roblox is shutting down in 2020 has naturally resulted in a boatload of concerned tweets to the game’s official Twitter account.

Some users were merely content with asking whether the game is truly shutting down next year, meanwhile others poured their heart out saying they would cry if the title ceased to exist.

Fortunately for all the people worried about the impending doomsday where Thanos snaps Roblox out of existence, it’s highly unlikely to happen.

The article claiming Roblox will shut down in 2020 due to being overpopulated and no longer profitable was posted on the prank website React2424 where anyone can “prank their friends”.

Not only that, but the idea of Roblox no longer being profitable is an insane excuse when Business Insider reported back in May that the property is worth up to $2.5 billion.

In addition, the official Roblox Twitter account has said nothing about shutting down nor has it even bothered addressing the insane rumour.

So, if Roblox really is scheduled to shut down in March 2020, then you should also anticipate flying pigs and frogs pouring out of the clouds.

But, if the prank miraculously ended up becoming a reality, then you would definitely need to batten down the hatches and stay inside to avoid the ensuing crisis.

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