A guide for how to easily watch Instagram live on both Mac and laptop.

Despite how Instagram can easily plague people with envy by mostly showcasing beautiful models who appear to have been blessed with everything in life, the app is ultimately good at this moment in time as it can provide people with a much-needed break from the doom and gloom of coronavirus news. However, if you want a break from your phone, here you can discover how to watch live streams from people you follow on either a Mac or laptop.

Thanks to the coronavirus outbreak and people being forced to stay indoors, it appears as if cooking videos on Instagram have become an insanely popular method of escapism for joy. There are a bunch of cookalongs you can follow, but you may not want to wish to watch them all on your iOS or Android.

So, if you wish to watch live streams on either a Mac or laptop, below you can discover how to do just that.

How to watch Instagram live on Mac

You need to download the Google Chrome extension IG Stories to watch Instagram live streams on Mac.

In order to download the IG Stories extension on your Mac to watch Instagram live videos, you must have Google Chrome downloaded and installed.

Provided you already use Chrome, you must then simply visit its web store to download the aforementioned extension.

Once you have finished installing the extension, you’ll find its downward arrow icon at the top right of your Chrome web browser.

Now all you need to do is sign into Instagram on your Mac via Google Chrome, and you’ll be able to see at the top left of the page whether anyone you’re following is in the middle of streaming a live video.

If someone you’re following is streaming live, all you need to do is select the video link to watch in a new browser tab.

How to watch Instagram live on a laptop

Again, in order to watch Instagram live on a laptop, you simply must download the IG Stories Chrome extension.

Once you have that, all you need to do is follow the same instructions as for watching Instagram live on a Mac.

And that’s all there is to it.

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