Violet Evergarden has a new film on Netflix but does it answer fans’ biggest question?

Netflix may be best known for its big-budget US drama series such as Stranger Things and The Witcher but in recent years, we’ve seen the streaming service branch out to include more content.

This has included everything from docuseries and kids’ TV to international series and anime.

For fans of the latter, anime, 2020 has been a bumper year already and more anime films and series are heading our way on a constant basis.

The latest release comes in the form of Violent Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll and for fans of the main Violet Evergarden series, there’s one question on their minds as the new film releases.

Is Gilbert Bougainvillea alive or is he still presumed dead? 

Violet Evergarden on Netflix

The original Violet Evergreen series arrived on Netflix in 2018 and was also joined by a one-off special episode.

Now, on April 2nd, 2020, a full feature-length film has arrived in the form of Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll.

It tells the story of Violet as she becomes the tutor for a young debutante, looking to make it in high society. 

Who is Gilbert Bougainvillea?

Gilbert Bougainvillea is a character in the main Violet Evergarden series.

He is a major in the Leidenschaftlich Army and throughout the early episodes acts as a protector to Violet. The pair grow close over the course of the series and in their final exchange, Gilbert professes his love for Violet.

His age is thought to be around 29, which has been a huge talking point among fans as it’s estimated that Violet’s age is around 14.

However, Gilbert ends up missing in action during the main series and is presumed dead by his family. 

Is he really dead?

It’s unconfirmed. 

As mentioned, in the series he disappears and is never properly seen again. Some fans feel that the final shot of the last episode suggests that he’s still alive but it confirms nothing.

What’s worse is that the new film, Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll, doesn’t feature Gilbert at all, leaving fans somewhat frustrated in their search for answers.

What fans need to look out for, however, is Violet Evergarden: The Movie which was set for release in Japan on April 24th, the trailers for which have hinted at a possible return for the much-loved character.

Until then, fans can watch the Violet Evergarden series and Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll film now on Netflix. 

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