It’s making the rounds on Netflix as we speak, but is Miracle in Cell No. 7 based on a true story?

What film made you cry the most?

There are so many incredible tearjerkers we can think of, with the likes of Schindler’s List, Requiem for a Dream, Titanic, Dancer in the Dark, Grave of the Fireflies and Lilya 4-ever coming to mind as the most effective. 

At the moment, some will be looking to lift their spirits wherever possible, and entertainment is probably the best way to sustain a good mood. However, whether it’s comedy or tragedy, self-isolation won’t stop film fans from broadening their horizons and checking out the most popular titles of the moment. 

With cinemas having temporarily closed their doors, streaming services are the ones keeping us satisfied. Netflix has captivated audiences with the documentary series Tiger King as of late, but in the realm of movies, all eyes are firmly on Miracle in Cell No. 7. 

Initially released in 2019, this Turkish gem has reached a mass of new audiences thanks to Netflix, but they have a rather pressing question about it…

Is Miracle in Cell No. 7 based on a true story?

No, Miracle in Cell No. 7 is not based on a true story. However, it is a remake!

The original version [see trailer below] was released back in 2013 and is a South Korean comedy-drama directed by Lee Hwan-kyung (Champ, Lump Sugar). 

It earned a number of accolades, and actually, Mehmet Ada Öztekin’s Turkish retelling isn’t the only remake.

Miracle in Cell No. 7 was remade into a Kannada movie in 2017 and was named Pushpaka Vimana. It was also adapted in the Philippines and later on in Indonesia in 2020. 

So, it’s clear that this is a story which has resonated deeply with audiences across the globe! Now, it’s clear that Netflix audiences completely understand why…

If you were a fan, be sure to check out Mehmet’s previous work, which includes Kaybedenler Kulübü Yolda and Martilarin Efendisi. You can find him over on IMDb here

Audiences talk Miracle in Cell No. 7 on Twitter

The film is currently trending on UK Netflix and viewers can’t help but head over to Twitter and offer their thoughts; some even before the credits have rolled!

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