A family from Kent have recreated a song from Les Mis in their living room, Covid-19 style!

The Coronavirus lockdown in Britain has entered its second week and it’s safe to say everyone’s struggling with ways to entertain themselves.

However, one family from Faversham, Kent are embracing the lockdown. Rather than lazing around watching Netflix like the rest of us are, the Marsh family have created their own rendition of famous West End musical – Les Mis. Their performance of ‘One Day More’ went viral after being posted on Facebook, racking up 335,000 shares in just two days.

But the performance wasn’t just a recreation of the French musical that was first shown in London in 1985. It was a parody about life in quarantine, and I think everyone in Britain right now can relate.

Who are the Marsh Family?

The family consists of Dad, Ben Marsh, his wife Danielle and their four children. Alfie, 13, Thomas, 12, Ella, 10, and Tess, 8. 

They are a musical family, the kids all play instruments and love to perform.

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Ben Marsh is a senior lecturer in American History at the University of Kent.

Les Mis isn’t the only re-enactment they’ve done!

They started off with a show of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s ‘Shallow’ from the 2019 film A Star is Born. Then they moved onto a song from Avenue Q, a musical comedy featuring puppets and human actors. 

By day six of the lockdown, they sang a song specially dedicated to the NHS, teachers and community heroes. It was the song ‘When will my life begin’ from Disney’s Tangled, aptly praising workers for all the chores they are doing. 

Then came Les Mis, dedicated to cheering up some family and friends who have had birthdays on their own in lockdown. 

What was that YouTube argument about?

The children can be seen arguing at the beginning of the video, but what exactly were they arguing about?

They went live on BBC Breakfast to chat all about it.

“Why are you hitting me? I haven’t done anything,” said one of the boys. “You’re being too loud,” replied his sister. 

According to The Sun, the pair may have been arguing over the WiFi, although bar speculation it the bickering appearing to be nothing more than typical self-isolation sibling squabbling at it’s purest.

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