Better Call Saul has shown the true power of the Mexican cartels after Lalo Salamanca dodges jail for murder.

Since Breaking Bad left our screens in 2013, Better Call Saul has been giving fans their Breaking Bad universe fix.

While the show continues to focus on Jimmy McGill as he slowly starts to become Saul Goodman ahead of Breaking Bad, the series is packed with plenty of its own drama.

Season 5 is where we currently stand and we’re getting tantalisingly close to the starting point of the original Breaking Bad show.

The show’s most recent episode, the seventh in season 5, features another storyline that is tied in with plenty of legacy characters, with the likes of Jimmy, Mike and the ever-menacing Gus Fring at the heart of it.

One character who is at the centre of attention in episode 7 is Lalo Salamanca, the only one mentioned who doesn’t feature in Breaking Bad. The episode sees Lalo put on trial for a sizable list of crimes, the most serious of which being murder but just who did Lalo Salamanca kill?

Better Call Saul season 5

Better Call Saul’s fifth season started airing in February 2020 and the 10-episode season has been airing weekly since on both AMC in the US and Netflix worldwide.

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The new season brings Jimmy ever-closer to the starting point of Breaking Bad as we see him finally take on the name, Saul Goodman.

Episode 7 follows Jimmy as he not only gets married to Kim Wexler but also sees him representing the cartel killer Eduardo ‘Lalo’ Salamanca who is in court for a host of nefarious deeds including murder. 

Jimmy is given the unenviable task of trying to secure bail for the suspected killer.

Who did Lalo Salamanca kill?

Lalo Salamanca is on trial in JMM for the murder of Fred Whalen.

The murder took place in the final episode of season 4 after Fred would not give Lalo a crucial piece of information.

Fred’s murder may happen off-screen but just who was he?

Who was Fred Whalen?

Fred Whalen is a character who Lalo Salamanca killed off-screen at the tail-end of season 4.

He is brought up in JMM when Mike provides Jimmy with a photocopy of Fred’s driving license and again at court where Fred’s family are present.

The character, who worked as a TravelWire agent, only appeared in one episode of Better Call Saul, season 4’s finale, Winner, before he was killed by Lalo.

Unbelievably, with the help of the key info passed on by Mike, Jimmy succeeds in getting Lalo bail, even if it will cost a whopping $7 million.

Better Call Saul continues on Mondays on AMC and Tuesdays on Netflix until the season 5 finale arrives on May 20th and 21st on the respective platforms.

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