ITV’s Liar is approaching the end of its second series and things are starting to heat up for Laura as she gets closer to the truth.

Liar has been one of the dramatic revelations on British TV in recent years.

The ITV drama has proved captivating, not only is its storyline a minefield of twists and turns but fans have not been able to switch off.

Millions have tuned in on a regular basis to watch the mystery of Laura Nielson and Andrew Earlham unfold.

And now, in the fifth episode of series 2, fans are finally starting to get answers to piece together the show’s central conundrum. 

Liar series 2 on ITV

After almost two years away from our screens, series 2 of Liar arrived on March 2nd and it returns with a total of six new episodes.

In series 1 we followed the characters of Laura and Andrew across multiple timelines with plenty of flashbacks and flashforwards, concluding with the death of Andrew.

Series 2 follows Andrew in flashback scenes in the run-up to his apparent death as well as examining Laura’s supposed part to play as she’s placed at the heart of the police investigation. 

Who is Greg Maxwell?

Greg Maxwell is the son of police detective Rory Maxwell (Danny Webb).

He’s thought of very highly, especially by his father, as he is described as a rising star in the NCA (National Crime Agency) and was just promoted to Branch Commander as series 2 got underway.

While he has appeared sporadically throughout series 2, in episode 5 we learn that Greg was being blackmailed, as well as his father, by an unknown individual, suspected to be Andrew. 

It emerges that the blackmailer has evidence that police bright spark, Greg, had previously had a cocaine overdose, something that would not look good for a rising star in the force.

As the episode progresses it appears that Rory and Greg have been working together to frame Laura for the murder of Andrew. 

Who plays Greg Maxwell?

Greg Maxwell is played by Jack Colgrave Hirst.

He is a relative newcomer to the acting scene with just eight credits to his name according to IMDb.

Aside from Liar, Jack Colgrave Hirst’s biggest film and TV appearances include The Trials of Jimmy Rose, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, The Terror and the film All Is True.

Liar series 2 concludes on April 6th at 9pm on ITV. 

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