It’s the most wonderful time of the year (ding, dong, ding, dong) – nope, it’s not Christmas – it’s Easter, the real chocolate feast of the year.

Whilst the world is scrambling around figuring out how we live in these temporarily cramped conditions, we can at least take solace in one day where we are allowed to fill ourselves to bursting with chocolate (as long as it’s egg shaped). So what are the best easter eggs of the year?

The best easter egg of the year surely depends on your own taste, thankfully we’ve tasted nearly all of them (well it definitely feels that way…my belt feels that way) in order to find the best easter egg for you. If you are one of those strange folk that grew up with money and gifts on Easter Sunday as opposed to eating the best easter eggs known to man then keep on moving, we never understood you.

Here are our best easter eggs of 2020…

Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Patisserie Egg – £29

Best easter egg for: Indulgence

Hotel Chocolat has a massive reputation and their Extra Thick Patisserie Egg more than lives up to it.

This indulgently sized hunk of chocolate’s shell is 50% milk chocolate and pecan praline, making it taste more like a brownie than an easter egg. The other half of the shell draws on elements such as chocolate caramel, mascarpone, yoghurt and salt to recreate a salted caramel cheesecake.

Once you’ve chewed your way through the creamy shell you can make your way through a bunch of chocolates that seek to miniaturise your favourite desserts – we loved the eton mess one.

Where to buy: Hotel Chocolat

Bettys Spring Bloom Egg – £30

Best easter egg for: White chocolate

Bettys is a name as old as the Yorkshire Dales they can be found near. The master confectioners produce the most beautifully decorated and sumptuously tasting easter eggs year in, year out.

For us, the best white chocolate easter egg you’ll find this year is Bettys’ Spring Bloom Egg. This white chocolate egg is coloured in a muted pink in tribute to the colour Bettys’ founder Frederick Belmont used to decorate the very first Bettys Cafe. It is then adorned with hand-finished stems and roses, celebrating the season of Easter.

We almost (almost) felt bad eating this one, why must something so pretty be so tasty?

Where to buy: Bettys

Waitrose & Partners No.1 Gloriously Nutty Milk Chocolate Egg – £9

Best easter egg for: Nutters and squirrels.

Ok, we’ll be honest, we are obsessed with nut chocolate. Dairy Milk hazelnut bars disappear around us, Nutella is our kryptonite, don’t start us on Reese’s Nutrageous bars. This is the best easter egg for people like us and we know we aren’t alone.

This milk chocolate egg is rolled in roasted almonds and cocoa nibs. Read that again, fellow nutters.

Rolled. In. Almonds.

It is a divine ball of nutty goodness – full of crunchy, milky chocolate. Why can’t Jesus rise from the dead every Sunday?

Where to buy: Waitrose

Fortnum & Mason Praline Scotch Egg – £15.95

Best easter egg for: The fancy pants.

If you eat all of this in one sitting then we have no sympathy for your food coma.

This is downright decadent and we love that. The Fortnum & Mason Praline Scotch Egg is made of milk chocolate praline with an orange ganache centre. This was the first time we’d tried orange ganache and it certainly won’t be the last. The praline is coated in roasted hazelnuts and cocoa nibs for an extra layer of crunchy indulgence.

Whilst this isn’t the most traditional of eggs on our list it is certainly the richest and most unique.

Where to buy: Fortnum & Mason

Montezuma’s Absolute Black Vegan Button Easter Egg – £15

Best easter egg for: Vegans.

Montezuma’s are a chocolate company committed to ethically sourced ingredients and giving back to the community. Their cocoa comes from plantations that meet their strict ‘Trading Fairly Policy’ and they support Chichester based charity ‘Children on the Edge’. It is no surprise that such a right on company makes such a delicious vegan easter egg.

The Absolute Black Vegan Button Easter Egg is made from 100% cocoa and stuffed with 100% cocoa nibs. This is the most delicious way to be vegan this easter. Plus, who doesn’t like dark chocolate? The weak! The weak don’t like dark chocolate. Be strong, be vegan, eat the best vegan easter egg out there

Where to buy: John Lewis

Best Easter Egg 2020: Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Patisserie Egg

We just couldn’t get enough of this one.

This offering from Hotel Chocolat wins out because of the audacity of its versatility. Love your praline chocolate? Cool – you have that half. Love your cheesecake? Cool – you have that half. Love Eton Mess? Carrot cake? Treacle tarts? They’ve covered so many bases with this one – we can only sit back, admire and chew.

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