After months of waiting Crisis on Infinite Earths is finally here (mostly).

The world of superheroes has taken on a life of its own in recent years.

Thanks to a whole universe of films from Marvel and a huge swathe of TV series from DC, you can’t move for new superhero content at the moment.

That’s certainly the case for fans of DC’s TV Arrowverse as the long-awaited Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover has finally made its way to UK TV screens, well most of it anyway.

But exactly what is Crisis on Infinite Earths and what order should fans watch?

Crisis on Infinite Earths 

While Marvel’s MCU has Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, DC’s TV Arrowverse has Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The special crossover event covers five of DC’s TV shows, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow and brings together a host of heroes to combat a threat, unlike anything we’ve seen in the varying series so far. 

The five-part special arrived back in the US at the tail-end of 2019 and now, at long last, fans in the UK will have their chance to watch most of the special.

What order to watch

The Crisis on Infinite Earths special consists of five episodes, one from each of Arrowverse TV shows.

Each episode will cover a key part of the story and will focus centrally on each show’s main character in their respective episodes.

The order to watch Crisis on Infinite Earths in is as follows: 

  • Part One | Supergirl: Season 5 Episode 9

  • Part Two | Batwoman: Season 1 Episode 9

  • Part Three | The Flash: Season 6 Episode 9

  • Part Four | Arrow: Season 8 Episode 8

  • Part Five | Legends of Tomorrow: Season 5 Special episode

How to watch in the UK

All but one of the five episodes of Crisis on Infinite Earths will air on Sky One here in the UK.

Parts one, three, four and five will all air at 9pm on Sky One between March 30th and April 2nd.

The one exception is Batwoman’s part two as Sky don’t have the rights to show any Batwoman episodes.

That’s because Batwoman has just arrived in the UK on E4 and, unfortunately, each episode will be airing weekly from March 29th.

As the Crisis on Infinite Earths episode is the ninth in the series, we won’t be seeing that arrive on UK TV until May 24th.

As a result, fans hoping to watch all five parts of the Crisis on Infinite Earths special may have to turn to more nefarious means or face two more months of waiting.  

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