The British public has a much-needed new hero, courtesy of Homebase.

Nationwide quarantine restrictions have seen many Brits turn to their television sets for company.

And despite the large volume of films, series and other shows to choose from, it is an advert that has got a number of viewers talking on Twitter.

The latest Homebase commercial features an excitable tortoise, which we later discover to be named Gary, who emerges from indoors to join his human family down at the bottom of the garden.

During his journey, Gary defies his species’ lack of speed and agility by galloping across the grass and clearing a stationary wheelbarrow before skidding to a halt.

But, for some, the piece of music playing background is the most intriguing thing about it.

And they are dying to know what it is, who it’s by and where on Earth they’ve heard it before.

We at HITC Culture have the answers, below…

What is the 2020 Homebase advert song?

This is the part where you kick yourself, that is if you’ve ever seen the 1972 series The Adventures of Black Beauty on ITV.

And it is the theme song from that – Galloping Home by Denis King – which accompanies Gary, somewhat fittingly, on his travels, albeit a modernised version performed by London String Chorale.

King later won the Ivor Novello Award for that particular piece of work and went on to compose music for more than 200 TV shows.

Feels Like Home on the Homebase advert

Galloping Home is not the only song you might recognise from the 2020 Homebase advert.

It ends with ‘(Feels Like) Home‘ by Dan Croll, which was released by the Staffordshire singer in 2013.

And it is not just Homebase that have taken a shine to Croll’s work, with the same song having also featured on a DFS sofa commercial four years later.

Watch the 2020 Homebase advert featuring Gary the Tortoise

Here’s a clip of the video from Youtube.

Fans love Gary the Tortoise

This is what viewers are saying about the fictional reptile on Twitter…




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