The Stay the Fk at Home song is taking the internet by storm.

It’s been a week since the UK government put the country in lockdown amid the ongoing global health crisis.

But, incredibly, some people still haven’t grasped the concept of staying at home.

You can, of course, still go out, provided the thing you’re going out for is absolutely necessary, for example, to work (if we cannot do it from home), to shop (for essential supplies) or to exercise (once a day).

Even then, precautions such as, the practice of social distancing, the avoidance of groups and the washing or sanitising of hands before, after and (if possible) during our trips, should be taken.

But in case you’re still unsure of your responsibilities, an Australian comedian has written a poem to remind you.

And his work has since gone viral itself, thanks to a musical adaptation.

Who sings the Stay the Fk at Home song?

As the artist who performs the song points out, the man behind the lyrics is Chris Franklin.

The former’s identity is less clear, however, and some believe him to be a man by the name of Ricky Jones.

But a large number of others are adamant that he is not Ricky Jones but Robert Emmet Kelly (or Bob E Kelly) instead.

Kelly’s original video, which had attracted close to two million views at the time of writing (March 30, 2020), was uploaded on Friday to his Youtube channel, Rekording, which he states is ‘dedicated to the whimsies of my ego’.   

Stay the FK at Home song lyrics

“The world has caught a virus, so I’ve written you a poem

We need your help to cure it, so stay the **** at home.

And if you have got 12 kids or you’re living on your own

Lock it down and isolate and stay the **** at home.

If you think you’re not at risk here, you’re living in a dome

It spreads faster than a hooker’s legs so stay the **** at home.

‘I need the gym, I need the beach’, I hear you bitch and moan

You need to grow a brain cell and stay the **** at home.

‘But I feel fine, I don’t feel sick, I’ll go out on my own.’

How thick are you, you selfish prick? Please just stay the **** at home.

From LA through to Berlin, from Wuhan through to Rome

There’s people dying every day so stay the **** at home.

If you need to contact family, there’s Facebook, Skype or phone

We’ve got the ******* internet so stay the **** at home.

The only way to slow it down is isolate not roam

Please help the world get back on track and stay the **** at home.

Stay the **** at home, stay the **** at home

Don’t you be a ******* **** and stay the **** at home.”

Watch the stay the Fk at Home song on Youtube…

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