A guide for how to possibly fix error code 83 for Disney Plus.

Disney Plus is now available in the United Kingdom and people have largely been loving the app thanks to all the throwback and nostalgic films there are to watch alongside television series. However, what people aren’t loving is the appearance of error code 83. So you can go back to watching everything available, here you’ll find some possible ways to fix the infuriating issue.

There are plenty of error codes for Disney Plus such as 73 and 42, and the best thing you can do initially is try searching for a fix over at the platform’s official Help Center. There you’ll find every error code that exists for the app so it’ll be your best tool for finding out what’s exactly wrong.

However, if the Help Center doesn’t work for you in attempting to resolve error code 83, below you’ll find some methods for how to possibly fix the problem.

Disney Plus not working – what is error code 83?

A lot of people have lately been complaining that Disney Plus is not working because of error code 83.

As for what error code 83 exactly means, it’s a compatibility issue in which the Disney Plus app is experiencing issues streaming to your device.

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While you wouldn’t be able to download the streaming service on devices that aren’t compatible, you can still check out a list to see what devices the app can definitely be streamed on.

Provided you find your phone, console, computer, and/or television in the list of compatible devices, you can then move on to methods for how to possibly fix error code 83.

How to fix error code 83 for Disney Plus

You can possibly fix error code 83 by ensuring that your device and the Disney Plus app both have their latest update installed.

Error code 83 shouldn’t be occurring across all the platforms on which you have downloaded Disney Plus, so another way to bypass the issue is to try streaming the app on a device other than the one that currently isn’t working.

As well as ensuring that your device and the app are both updated, another simple method that often works is simply closing the app and restarting your device.

The error isn’t anything new as it was a problem back when the app launched in the United States in November, and one Reddit user has said that they were able to resolve the issue by finding a verification email in their spam/junk folder.

Lastly, you must remember that your Disney Plus account can only be used on five different platforms. So, if you’re trying to log-in on a sixth, then you simply won’t be able to because of Disney’s limitations.

If none of the above fixes the issue, then your best course of action is try to contact Disney.

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