He is a YouTuber with an army of fans, 16.6m subscribers and all the best mods but who is Jelly?

YouTube is serious business and nowadays that is finally being accepted, although not by boomers. We’ll forgive them their sins, it’s not real work unless you come back bloodied and sweaty and with a face full of coal, is it?

One of the biggest markets in YouTube, and other social media platforms such as Twitch, is gaming content. 

Some of the biggest influencers in the video world are those that film themselves playing games. 

If you had told 11-year-old me that that YouTube thing you watch music on could one day earn you a fortune through playing your favourite games, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Some dedicated and creative individuals have made quite a packet out of doing what they love the most and more power to them. One such lucky person is the YouTuber, Jelly. Who is he?

Who is Jelly?

Jelly, real name Jelle Van Vucht, is a 23-year-old Dutch vlogger with 16.6m subscribers on YouTube.

He is known primarily for playing GTA, Slither.io and Happy Wheels but he is no stranger to other popular games.

Previously a student in Eindhoven, the Dutchman packed his studies in when he realised how much more profitable gaming is – who wouldn’t?

Jelly: net worth

Brace yourselves. 

There are a bunch of different figures bandied about but his net worth is currently put somewhere between $25m and $42m.

All that moolah, from playing games. He got it right and I got it wrong.

His mountains of subscribers earn him tens of thousands of dollars a day through ad revenue.

He also benefits from being in the top echelon of YouTubers in gaming, meaning that he gets paid more per ad than other vloggers.

Jelly merch and minecraft

Whilst he is more known for his GTA videos, Jelly is no stranger to Minecraft.

Although the game couldn’t be more different to the guts and gore of GTA, he is equally as watchable when he is mining away in the block world.

If you are a Jelly stan then you can pick up his merch on JellyStore.com.

Over there you’ll find everything from hats and hoodies to stickers and controllers, there’s everything to feed your YouTube obsession. 

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