The Occupant premiered on Netflix earlier this week.

The Spanish-language thriller has been available since Wednesday.

It follows Javier Muñoz (played by Javier Gutiérrez, Angel Prieto in Mirage), a once-successful advertising executive who is now unemployed and, as such, has been forced to surrender his swanky Barcelona apartment.

After new tenants move in, Muñoz embarks upon a stalking campaign as his motives towards the family turn sinister.

But is The Occupant actually filmed in the Catalan capital?

Where is The Occupant movie filmed?

The filmmaking brothers, David and Álex Pastor, returned to Spain to shoot The Occupant, identifying their hometown, Barcelona, as the perfect location.

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In an interview with Cineuropa, David explained: “When we have an idea, we ask ourselves: ‘Is it for a TV series or for a film?’ and ‘Is it for the USA (where the pair now reside) or for Spain?’ Because we like our stories to give a strong impression of place and to belong to a certain country’s reality.

“In this case, we wanted to shoot it in Barcelona because we knew that if we had written it in English, the first memo we would have got from a US executive would have been: ‘I like it, but can you tell the story from the point of view of that young couple who move into an apartment and who find themselves threatened by an intruder?’ They would have wanted the traditional point of view found in US cinema, that of the people under threat, whereas we wanted to tell the tale from the perspective of the person posing the threat.

“And we wanted to portray Spain and life in Spain after the crisis, with people being replaced by kids who do the same job for four euros.”

Who’s in The Occupant movie cast?

Alongside Gutiérrez star Mario Casas, (Carne de Neon, El Barco, Mi Gran Noche and El Bar) as Tomás, who moves into Muñoz’s old home, Bruna Cusí (Summer 1993) as Lara, Tomás’s wife, and Ruth Díaz (Vis a vis) as Marga, Muñoz’s wife.

Netflix’s The Occupant: Trailer

You can catch a glimpse of some of the locations used in The Occupant by watching the trailer, below.

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