The Bygone aired on Netflix (US) on Monday.

The feature film stars – and is also written and directed by – Graham Phillips (Zach Florrick in The Good Wife) as rancher, Kip Summer, who, mourning the death of his mother, seeks comfort at a nearby brothel.

That’s where Summer encounters – and subsequently rescues – a prostitute called Waniya, played by Sydney Schafer (one of the models in Face Off), after he sees her being abused.

When Waniya goes missing, attention then turns to Paris, portrayed by Shawn Hatosy (Andrew ‘Pope’ Cody in Animal Kingdom), a pimp who is wanted for murder.

The Bygone is set in the booming oil patch that is the state of North Dakota, United States, with the city of Williston specifically mentioned in the film.

But where did filming actually take place?

Where was The Bygone movie filmed?

The Bygone was filmed around a thousand miles south of Williston, in Oklahoma. 

According to The Oklahoman, one of the film’s producers, Eric Watson, said that once the Phillips brothers, Graham and Parker, suggested the state as a possible location, they contacted the local film and music office “and never looked back”.

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“From the Film Commission to the local crew, to the fantastic locations and the generous and warmhearted people we have encountered, there has not been a moment that we have regretted our decision,” Watson added.

Principal photography was due to take place on 10 November, 2017, in Oklahoma City, with additional shots scheduled in the surrounding region and throughout the state, with production due to end ahead of the Christmas holiday.

The Bygone trailer

You can catch a glimpse of some of those locations in the film’s official trailer below, courtesy of Phillips Pictures. 

How to watch The Bygone in the UK

The Bygone is not currently available to watch on UK Netflix, and it is as yet unclear if and when that is likely to change.

Should you really want to see it, however, the film can be purchase or rent from various places.

If you’re borrowing, then Amazon Video and Apple iTunes (both £1.99) are your cheapest bets.

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