Unorthodox premiered on Netflix yesterday (Thursday, 26 March).

The four-part miniseries recounts the true story of Deborah Feldman, through its lead character Esther ‘Esty’ Shapiro.

Shapiro, a Hasidic Jew from the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, is seeking to flee a loveless, arranged marriage at the age of 19.

Her intended destination? Berlin, Germany.

That is where Feldman met the show’s creator, Anna Winger, who was raising a child of her own after settling in the German capital.

“We’d talked a lot about the experience of being Jewish in Germany, and how there are common themes throughout,” Winger told The Guardian. “Dislocation, a reason for coming, grappling with history, the metropolitan New York-ness of Berlin. There was a lot of common ground we’d found in normal conversation. The show, in a funny way, became our way to build out from those talks.”

Shaprio is played by Shira Haas, an actress with whom few are likely to be familiar – yet.

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But if you’re one of those then fear not, as we at HITC have the lowdown right here…

Shira Haas: Age, height and nationality

According to IMBD, Haas is an Israeli actress, born on 11 May, 1995. 

Superstarsbio states that she is five-feet-two-inches tall (1.52m) and weighs 50kg (110 lbs).

The website claims Haas was born in Hod HaSharon, Israel.

And according to Variety, she currently resides around 20 minutes south-west of there, in the city of Tev Aviv.

Which movies has Shira Haas been in?

Haas played Ariela in Broken Mirrors, Alma in the Oscar-nominated Fotxtrot, Urszula in The Zookeeper’s Wife and Kira in A Tale of Love and Darkness – the first film to be directed by Natalie Portman. Her performance as Anna in Pere Atzil earned Haas the Israeli Academy Award for best supporting actress.

Is Shira Haas on Instagram?

Yes! You can find her @shirahaas, where she has accrued close to thirty-thousand followers – a number which is sure to increase if Unorthodox takes off in the coming weeks and months.

How to watch Unorthodox on Netflix?

To access the streaming service, you will need either a smart TV, phone, tablet or console with connection to the internet.

Then simply download Netflix and subscribe to one of its various package options.

All four episodes, which range from 52 to 55 minutes in length, are available to stream immediately.

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